Mt. Arayat is an extinct volcano located in the island of Luzon with no recorded historical eruption. Originally famous for the tales of fairies and other mystical creatures that supposedly inhabit its forests, Mt. Arayat is now considered as one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Central Luzon region.

In spite of the fantastical stories surrounding the mountain, hikers are not deterred from exploring the promising Mt. Arayat. The trail’s difficulty level is rated 4 out of 10. It can be considered a challenging hike for beginners and easy-to-moderate level for seasoned mountain climbers. Mt. Arayat is a perfect getaway for those who are looking for a fascinating day-trip adventure.

Did you know?
Before hikers discovered the beauty and wonders of Mt. Arayat, the locals believed that a fairy or god – depending on the version of the story – called Mariang Sinukuan or Sucu inhabited the area.