Welcome to the pilot edition of Township Tales – this series of articles features different individuals who were able to experience the life-changing lifestyle of Megaworld Corporation’s world-class townships.

A township is a Megaworld signature. These are mixed-used developments where residential, office, commercial, institutional and civic components are built in one strategic location. Given that it brings everything one may need within one convenient setting, it was no wonder why an Interior Design student with a penchant for arts like 24-year old Melduen Castillon, found herself at home in The Venice Luxury Residences.

Melduen has always been in pursuit of ideas, constantly on the lookout for design inspirations. When she wants to take a breather, she enjoys shopping, hanging out with friends, and Kendo – a traditional Japanese martial art that she’s extremely into.

She happily shared how living in one of Megaworld’s premiere townships, McKinley Hill in Taguig City for almost a year changed her life.

What is your favorite place/location in McKinley Hill? And why?

“Actually, ‘yung atmosphere. Kasi parang medyo iba ‘yung vibe niya. Ang pinaka-favorite ko na location ay diyan sa amenities (of the condo).

(The atmosphere, (McKinley Hill) really has a different vibe. My favorite location would be my condominium’s amenities.)

I’m a sports enthusiast, and if I’m not training, I’ll just go to gym or swim, but mostly to swim. It’s more like an all-around exercise… refreshing!”

Melduen’s vibrant space reflects her lively personality. Her room has prominent shades of beiges and whites to compliment her mustard yellow and pink accents, just the right mix to highlight unique pieces. Her unit’s high ceiling allows her to create a statement with cool modern lighting pieces with ample space for her entertainment system to take the center stage where she can easily sit back and relax.

What is your favorite spot in the unit?

“Yung favorite spot is the bed. I use my bed as a division of the room, kasi siya ‘yung nasa gitna. At saka kapag nasa kama, I just stretch out my arms and everything seems to be within reach.”

(My favorite spot is the bed. I use my bed as a division for the room since it is in the middle. And when I’m lying on bed I can just stretch my arms and everything seems to be within reach.)

McKinley Hill’s township is inspired by the cities of Italy and Spain, bringing that sophisticated vibe of ‘Southern Europe’ to the Philippines. The distinctive facade is reminiscent of the actual grand canal in Venice, Italy which provides a unique inspiration for Melduen everyday.

How does it feel to live in one of Megaworld’s townships?

“It’s good, actually. Mabilis akong naka-adjust (I was able to adjust quickly). It’s safe because everywhere, there’s a security guard and the plus point for me is when there’s always a traffic enforcer to assist me whenever I cross the road. I lived abroad and experienced a good transition coming here.”

“One of the things that I like here is ‘yung merong lakaran. Kasi from other places in Manila parang nakain na ng mga bahay ‘yung beside ng street. Dito kasi merong space talaga for people to walk. Tapos priority ‘yung mga pedestrians.”

(One of the things that I like here is the walkways. I found that other places in Manila wouldn’t have enough walkways since the houses take up most of their space. Here, they have space for people to easily go around, and pedestrians are a priority.)

What do you usually do?

“For alone time, I would usually go explore. Minsan you’ll see me walking, kunwari sa Woodridge, minsan ‘yung perimeter lang ng Venice. Kasi I’m not exactly a shopaholic, more like a window shopper! More of like mahilig kong tignan kung what is the difference sa Singapore then what is offered dito sa Pilipinas. So, I want to see if I could get swatches, sa interior design.”

(For alone time, I would usually explore. Sometimes you will see me strolling around Woodridge along the perimeter of Venice (Luxury Residences) –since I’m not exactly a shopaholic, just a window shopper! I like checking out the differences of what is offered in Singapore compared to here in the Philippines. So, I want to see if I could get swatches for interior design.)

How did living in a township made an impact to your life?

“I’m more productive. Everything is convenient and accessible, and most importantly I have more time for myself. If I want to exercise, just shop, it’s so near. If I just want to chill, the atmosphere is good… Other than accessible, malapit din ‘yung airport. (it is close to the airport.)”

Do you think millennials should start investing in real estate?

“Yes it’s a very good investment. First of all, parang landmark na ‘yung Venice in itself, kasi nandyan na yung Gondola, Piazza, tapos naging tourist spot na siya. It’s just a very different town sa ibang residences. (Yes it’s a very good investment. First of all, Venice (the McKinley Hill township) is like a landmark in itself since you can find the Gondola, Piazza here – it’s now a tourist spot. It’s just a very different town compared to other residences…) because apart from the space, I, myself, as an interior designer, tried comparing other townships and companies, for this one (studio size), it’s a big space because it’s almost 50 square meters. For the others, it’s like half (of the size).”

“Investing is a good thing because you’ll start understanding how to manage your money (better). It prepares you for the future.”

The Italian-inspired Venice Grand Canal Mall proudly stands out from the typical malls one can find in the metro—in fact, it is the only development of this kind in the country! This is the view that Melduen gets to enjoy everyday — just a few steps away from her home.

Would you recommend Megaworld’s townships to millennials as an investment?

“Yes, definitely. Megaworld is good in accommodating clients kasi they really make sure if this client wants a particular place or space, they would really reach out. They would really go their way to actually help you.”

Megaworld’s largest township development in Metro Manila, McKinley Hill, embodies the company’s signature LIVE-WORK-PLAY-LEARN-SHOP way of living. For almost 30 years, Megaworld has pioneered the mixed-use development of townships across the Philippines. Some of these are Eastwood City in Quezon City, Iloilo Business Park in Iloilo, and Twin Lakes in Tagaytay) in its portfolio, among others.

To make the complete and multi-faceted lifestyle more accessible to the people in the North, Megaworld recently launched its first integrated urban township at the heart of the City of San Fernando, Pampanga, Capital Town Pampanga.

The 35.6 hectare development will bring the Megaworld LIVE-WORK-PLAY-SHOP lifestyle experience to the province, and even a little bit more. It is poised to be the “Premier Business District in the North”, home to an upscale hotel, an Events Trade Hall, a Rainwater Park, a picturesque Shophouse District, and its first residential component, Chelsea Parkplace, among others.

Experience a Megaworld Township in the North! For more information on Capital Town Pampanga, contact +63917-144-8696, email info@capitaltownpampanga.com or like our Facebook page.

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